Wood Pellets for Central Heating Boilers

Pellets, i.e. small, compressed wood pellets, are made of wood shavings, compressed under high pressure without any additional chemical binding agents. They are 100 % CO2-neutral and are, therefore, the ideal, climate-friendly fuel.

Wood pellets are standardized like other combustible too. Wood pellets with the DINplus mark meet the requirements of the European Standard DIN EN 14961-2 (quality class A1) and the adequate quality control.

Testing and certification


With the testing and certification of wood pellets among other things, the high quality properties during the production of pellets are tested and secured. The product testing are performed by qualified and from DIN CERTCO recognized test laboratories. The content of the testing of the wood pellets includes for example properties like:

  • Water content,
  • Bulk density,
  • Abrasion and
  • Chemical conterminations

A further characteristic which is determined during the product testing is the ash melting temperature. It is a relevant characteristic to estimate the formation of “stone ash”. The annually factory inspection of the production with sample testing is required to get the quality mark.

After positive assessment DIN CERTCO grant the certificate, this is valid for 5 years. The certificate can renewed for further 5 years as long as the surveillance are performed with positive results.

The formative central idea of DIN CERTCO is to test and certify the product quality in every single step of the production chain. The certification of wood pellets is therefore only a segment of a holistic approach. The complete service program of DIN CERTCO for the wood pellets branch includes additionally the certification to “DIN-geprüft Qualified Enterprises of Pellet Logistic” for combustible trader or the certification of central heating boilers with low-emission combustion . With this wide range of services is it possible to assure all relevant process steps.

All certificate holders are published on our homepage and can be looked up under “Certificate Holder”.


The quality mark DINplus with its strict requirements is established world-wide as the quality mark for wood pellets. Traders and consumers of wood pellets trust not only in Central Europe in the DINplus certification, they trust in the certification everywhere were wood pellets with high quality should be bought. Therefore, producer of central heating boilers and furnace like to point out to use only wood pellets with the quality mark DINplus because by using the mark disturbances in the boilers can be reduced.

DIN CERTCO was the first certification body which started in 2002 with the certification of wood pellets and is established as the leading certification body in this topic since this time.

Because of the development of quality standards DIN CERTCO is a faithful attendant of the pellets branch. The DINplus-Standard was not only the basis for the development of the European Standard, the standard is also named in the Federal Emission Control Ordinance – an evidence for the high acceptance of our quality mark.


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